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Welcome to Ireland First Exclusive Breast Pump Shop!

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Welcome to one of the best breast pump rental services in Ireland.

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Buy your Ardo Breastpump!

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Hire your Ardo Breastpump

*Price Per Month

We want to make things hassle free. We are offering the option of a low cost courier coupon so that you can return the pump to us through your local Post Office. No need to stress about how to bring it back.
  • When you rent, you rent the pump. You will need the hygiene kit. Make sure to order this kit unless you already have one.
  • Get access at home to the breast pump rental used and endorsed by maternity wards across the country
  • The Carum breast pump guarantees a closed system hospital-grade breast pump rental service in Ireland
  • Simple and easy to use - you have complete control over speed and suction
  • Intelligent settings which are sensitive to the needs of new mums
  • Arrives ready to go, with little set-up time needed

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