Giving Back through hospital pump rental

Here at giving back to the community is very important to us. Our hospital pump rental system simply could not work without the help and support of nurses and maternity wards throughout the country. During the pandemic we donated equipment to the value of 8,000 euro to a Dublin Maternity hospital for the provision of pumps and equipment for a Covid ward. We have supported the supply of equipment to various breastfeeding organisations around the country, even hospital pump rental.  When approached, we were delighted to subsidised the supply of Ardo Carum hospital grade pumps to the Irish Neonatal health alliance for the great work that they do. They now have Ardo Carum pumps for their hospital pump rental. Visit

We also help community nursing by providing special support for the supply of our rental pumps to patients in their care, and also a hygiene cleaning service to both community and hospital staff where they provide pumps to the public. This is a great endorsement for the hygiene standards we use in the service we provide to all.

We strive to provide an affordable service, and where possible show that support in the provision of materials and equipment to our health professionals. In keeping with this ethos, we will show the same support to our customer where they wish to donate equipment to their hospital. For every Euro donated by you through the provision of Ardo equipment and hospital pumps, we will match your donation in the same offering.

You donate an Ardo pump to your local maternity hospital, we will supply another pump without charge. We have subsidised the supply of Ardo Calypso  pumps to HSE community nurses, and also support some of the foundations in our maternity hospitals with greatly reduced costs for Ardo Calypso double pumps. It is great to see these pumps being put to great use.

Return Shipping Coupon
Return Shipping Coupon can be ordered to return your hospital pump rental