Large Scale Midwife Testing of Calyspo Double Plus Pump

Large Scale Midwife Testing of Calyspo Double Plus Pump


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Ardo medical AG / September 2017

97% of midwives recommend Calypso Double Plus

We at Ardo are convinced that our breastpumps are extremely high quality products in every way. And what do healthcare professionals confronted on a daily basis with issues and products to do with breastfeeding and expressing milk think of these pumps? Have they also been won over by our breastpumps?

With our large-scale expert test we were able to obtain expert answers. This test involved us asking 1,000 midwives to put our Calypso Double Plus to the test*.

We then asked the healthcare professionals for their opinion by means of a comprehensive questionnaire. After 8 weeks, we had received detailed feedback from 815 testers.

The result confirms the quality of the double breastpump: 97% of midwives recommend the Calypso Double Plus. Just as many find that it meets their hygiene standards for a product of this type really well. Almost all testers are also impressed with the “Vacuum Seal” technology (closed pumping system) and the Ardo name represents tried and tested quality, which is increasingly appreciated in the market.


* You can obtain further information / details about the test (the survey was done in Germany) on request from:
Ardo medical GmbH, Argelsrieder Feld 10, 82234 Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany