Ardo Cool Bag Complete Set


ARDO Coolbag Complete

The ideal accessory for mums-on-the-go, the ARDO Coolbag Complete offers convenience, functionality and a safe, hygienic and secure way to transport your breastmilk for when baby needs it the most. Designed for busy parents, the ARDO Coolbag Complete features a robust insulated bag that features cooling elements and 6 bottles made from premium quality Bisphenol-A free materials. Store your expressed milk in the bottles provided, seal and be assured that your milk will remain at an optimal temperature for up to 24 hours.


Package contains

1 x 150ml bottle, cap, cap liner, 26mm breast shell, lip valve, flexible membrane pot, adapter tube cover, silicone tube, tube connector and instructions.



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The ARDO Coolbag Complete:

  • Features a robust insulated lining with cooling elements that ensures the optimal temperature of your expressed milk for up to 24 hours
  • Contains 6 bottles made from premium quality Bisphenol-A free materials for the hygienic and safe storage of your milk
  • Designed for busy parents on the go who want to ensure that baby has access to expressed milk wherever you are
  • Ideal for day trips and holidays


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