Hire your Ardo Hospital grade breastpump

Hire your Ardo Hospital grade breastpump

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*Price Per Month

We want to make things hassle free. We are offering the option of a low cost courier coupon so that you can return the pump to us through your local Post Office. No need to stress about how to bring it back.

  • When you rent, you rent the pump. You will need the hygiene kit. Make sure to order this kit unless you already have one.
  • Get access at home to the breast pump rental used and endorsed by maternity wards across the country
  • The Carum breast pump guarantees a closed system hospital-grade breast pump rental service in Ireland
  • Simple and easy to use – you have complete control over speed and suction with stimulation and expression modes
  • Intelligent settings which are sensitive to the needs of new mums
  • Arrives ready to go, with little set-up time needed


Hospital breastpump rental

  • Official Ardo hospital grade breastpump rental in Ireland
  • Get access at home to the Carum breast pump used and endorsed by maternity wards across the country
  • The Carum breastpump features a closed system hospital-grade breastpump
  • Simple to use – complete control over speed and suction
  • Sensitive settings to help mums with tender breasts or nipples
  • Using the Carum breastpump guarantees a safe, secure and sealed system
  • Arrives ready to go, with little assembly required
  • Double or single express as desired
  • *Price Per Month ( Return or Renew)

Hospital grade breastpump rentals starts here. The Carum hospital grade breastpump is a powerful, reliable pump which also features sensitive expressing settings. Designed to meet the varying requirements of mums, the Carum is easy to use with an intuitive digital display for complete flexibility of vacuum and cycles (speed and suction). The two different background colours help mums to identify which mode they are in – the cycle mode is amber for stimulating the breasts, and the vacuum mode is green for expressing. The double piston technology in the Carum ensures equal suction for efficient double pumping.

At night the dimming function makes it possible to read the display and express in comfort. There is also a handy timer which lets mums know how long they have been stimulating the breast or expressing breastmilk, this can be stopped and restarted at any time.

The ‘Vacuum Seal’ technology in all Pumpsets provides a 100% barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breastmilk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump. This provides reliable protection against contamination of the breastmilk and prevents infection.

All Ardo breastfeeding products are manufactured in Switzerland from materials that are free from Bisphenol A (BPA).

Breast pump rental is subject to a Hire Agreement, which is outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Please note that by ticking that you have read the Terms and Conditions, you are confirming that you agree to the terms outlined in the Hire Agreement.

Additional information

Hygenic Kits

–Not required–, 26mm (Standard Size), 31mm (Larger Size)

Delivery Option

Delivery to Home, Collect From Store

Return Option

Return to Store, Return Courier Coupon

6 reviews for Hire your Ardo Hospital grade breastpump

  1. Sarah Walters

    Planning my baby’s arrival could have been very stressful. You really need to think about how to spend your money, because some items are a long term investment. Choosing to rent my breastpump was one of the best decisions I made! I got access to a high-end pump without having to put aside a lot of money to own it outright. Can easily recommend!

    .Sarah Walters

  2. Paula Dwyer

    The thought of going home from the hospital and leaving behind the care and advice of the nurses was a little bit daunting. However, being able to rent the same breastpump as they used in the maternity ward was a huge help! Also the contact links to local nurses and pharmacies was really beneficial.

    Paula Dwyer, Galway

  3. Louise Delaney

    No hassle, no headaches, just great service. Perfect system for the first few months as things began to settle down.

    Louise Delaney, Dublin, Ireland

  4. Laura

    As an overall service , I was very happy with the pump. It worked very well for me. Very easy to set it up and to use it.

    A very helpful and supportive service and you were very kind to arrange collection of the pump from our house today.

    As our little boy grows up, we will certainly stay in touch regarding getting any equipment we may require.

  5. breastAdmin (verified owner)

    Great Service From breastisbest.ie

  6. breastAdmin (verified owner)

    We and little Hannah are very gratefull for this pump. it really encouraged me to keep on trying my best.
    thank you, Anne and Hannah

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