Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (200ml)

Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (200ml)



The Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream offers your skin effective support and care, protecting the health of the biological acid mantle of skin thanks to its pH of 5.5. The unique triple-soft formula helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. This helps to prevent new stretch marks from forming, furthermore it also works to treat existing stretch marks, by helping to restore the connective tissue.

Prevention and regeneration of the affected skin

This cream with natural ingredients will keep your skin looking its best and help prevent stretch marks from occurring. Even if you have stretch marks sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream will help to support their elimination. The pH value of 5.5 of sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream stabilizes the health of the skin’s natural acid mantle and its barrier function. Thanks to this unique Triple Soft Formula your skin elasticity is improved. Avocado oil and sheabutter together with other lipids provide effective skin care and protection of the upper skin layers. The exceptional combination of Centella asiatica (Tiger grass) extract and peptides supported by the liquid-crystalline lipid structure of Olivem 1000, an olive oil derived complex, which increases the efficacy of the other active ingredients, supports the connective tissue adapting to the changing body volume to prevent structural damage. The Sebamed Anti-Strech Mark Cream works against the development of  stretch marks on all the especially sensitive areas of the body like breasts, abdomen, hips, and upper thighs.


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